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How long does it normally take to get pregnant ?

When you decide that you want to have a baby, it is normal to expect getting pregnant quickly. You probably know people around you who got easily pregnant and you might think the situation will be the same for yourself as well. The truth is that you can get pregnant in a short period of time, but it might take some time too despite your expectations.

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Knowing what is considered to be "normal" will avoid unnecessary worries: 90% of couples get pregnancy after 12 to 18 months of regular intercourse. Infertility may occur if pregnancy cannot be achieved despite regular long-term trials.

Infertility is considered for people younger than 35 years old when pregnancy is not achieved despite frequent and unprotected intercourse for 12 months. For those over 35, a regular 6-month trial is considered a critical threshold.

The time when your chance is at the maximum to get pregnant

If your menstrual periods are regular, you are probably ovulating regularly as well. You should know that the middle of the period between your menstrual periods is the most prone to reproduction for you. During this period an ovulation occurs. More frequent trials are necessary to take advantage of this period. Please keep in mind that the use of cosmetic products (such as lubricants) should be avoided during intercourse.
Approximately 25% of couples conceive in the first month of trials whereas in 6 months, 50% of pregnancy occurs. On average, we know that 85-90% of couples achieve pregnancy at the end of a year. Some of those who cannot conceive may still have a chance to conceive in the future; and some of them must take advantage of assisted reproductive treatments in order to get pregnant.

When should I apply for assisted reproductive treatments ?

We recommend couples to consult a doctor in case of failure in conceiving despite regular sexual intercourse for a year. It is important for couples aged 35 and older to consult a doctor from the sixth month of their failure.

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