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Our New Method for the Treatment of Male Infertility (Azospermia) has been successful!

We achieved our first pregnancy within the scope of ROSI Technique for the treatment of Azospermia through a series of test and application methods that we developed. 

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Thanks to this technique, developed by Zafer Nihat Candan - one of our experts in Embryology Laboratory, the egg cell without the ability to stimulate and activate itself is stimulated and successful results have been obtained.

What is the ROSI ?

ROSI is a technique used in the treatment of sperm-induced infertility. Since there is no mature sperm cells in the semen in individuals diagnosed with azoospermia, it is performed by introducing round spermatid cells, which are found by TESE method, into the egg.

In which cases it is preferable ?

People with a diagnosis of azoospermia, no mature sperm cells in the semen, can benefit from the ROSI technique. In some of these individuals, mature sperm cells can be obtained by TESE; ROSI technique can be used for those who cannot obtain mature sperm cells through TESE.

What is the success rate of the ROSI Technique?

The ROSI technique is used when no mature sperm cells are found in a man. Therefore, it is applied to people who have little or no chance of getting results from IVF or other assisted reproductive treatments. From this perspective, it is a very critical technique for people diagnosed with azoospermia who want to have children.

It is known that pregnancy success of ROSI technique which has found a new place in assisted reproductive treatments is around 20%.

We contribute to science with a personalized vision of treatment!

We continue to offer solutions to couples diagnosed with azoospermia with this technique developed within the scope of ROSI method.

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