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IVF is not your only option, it is just one of the options!

Couples who have experienced several IVF failures, when they come to our center, more than half of them provide pregnancy by means of endoscopic surgery without the need for in vitro fertilization.

Prof. Dr. Yücel Karaman who is one of the best scientists in the world to use laparoscopic laser surgery in gynecology, said that most of the IVF treatments are unnecessary in Turkey.

In his 30 years of European experience, Prof. Dr. Yücel Karaman also held prestigious positions such as private doctorate at the Royal Belgian family. Prof. Yücel Karaman says that since the laparoscopic laser surgery is not common in Turkey, IVF treatments are offered as the only process for every couple.

Since 2008, Prof. Dr. Yücel Karaman has been serving his patients at his own medical center in Istanbul, where his team has focused on infertility treatments. Prof. Dr. Yücel Karaman is widely known in Europe after more than 30 years of experience in Belgium and London, as he sums up his European adventure with the words "When I finished the university, I went to Belgium for specialization. I went for 4 years and I stayed 30 years".

In 1981, laser technology was introduced for the first time in gynecology. I was on one of the first teams using the technology. Laparoscopic laser leaves less inconvinience than normal laparoscopy and has vital significance in infertility surgery. Patients who use laser for laparoscopic surgical treatment have a 60 percent chance of pregnancy by natural means within 1 year. In standard laparoscopic surgery, this rate is around 30-40 percent. Because most patients' ovaries or ducts are damaged during the classical laparoscopy. 

Increasing Chance of Natural Pregnancy

The two most important causes of female infertility in the uterus are "adhesion" and "congestion (cyst)"  he explains. Prof. Dr. Yücel Karaman emphasizes: In couples who consult to me, if the man does not have a serious sperm problem, I look at these two causes at first. We treat the patient with laparoscopic laser surgery in cases of cyst or tubal problems instead of trying an IVF treatment immediately. In the first year after surgery, the chance of spontaneous pregnancy is 50%; and after the treatment of the pathologies related to the tubes, goes up to 60 percent. Not everybody who has tubal problems or cysts should be directed to IVF. Laser surgery should become widespread among my colleagues and patients should be offered this option. ”

This Method Should Be the Last Option, Not the First

Gynecologists with capability using the laparoscopic laser surgery are numbered, patients wouıld have another option if the gynecologists offer them the practice.  Prof. Dr. Karaman says that "For instance, right now, there is no any other colleagues of mine applies the laparoscopic laser surgery in Turkey. Some gynecologic surgeries themselves can also be cause future infertility. Therefore, laparoscopic laser should be offered especially to young women whom have plans to have a baby in the future."

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