Frequently Asked Questions About Vaccination Treatment

Who can vaccination treatment be applied to?

The criteria for suitability for the vaccination process are healthy egg development in the expectant mother and the sperm quality in the father candidate to be of a quality that can be studied. If the expectant mother has problems that cause ovulation dysfunction, such as polycystic ovary, or if there is a reasonable decrease in male sperm quality, vaccination treatment can be applied.

How should I prepare before the vaccination process?

Men should avoid the use of substances such as cigarettes and alcohol that affect sperm quality. Women should not have any discomfort such as vaginal infection that continues on the day of the procedure. The use of vaginal cosmetics should be avoided.

Is it necessary to rest after the vaccination process?

The grafting process is completed in a very short time, such as a few minutes. No pain is felt. After resting for 10-15 minutes after the procedure, the flow of daily life can be continued.

How many times can vaccination treatment be tried?

If pregnancy cannot be achieved with 6 vaccinations in vaccination treatment, it is recommended to switch to in vitro fertilization treatments as soon as possible without wasting any more time.
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