Half uterus can be seen as a result of the nondevelopment of any of the Mullerian canals (right or left) in the embryological period. In some cases, a small non-functional uterus may remain on the other side. If the unilateral uterus is well developed, a normal pregnancy can develop.

Unicornuate uterus leads to the following complications:

  • Intraabdominal mass
  • Infertility
  • Abortion in the early period of pregnancy
  • Recurrent pregnancy losses
  • Fetal developmental delay
  • Positional anomalies in the fetus
  • Premature birth

Treatment of unicornuate uterus

  • The upper and lateral walls of the uterus are expanded hysteroscopically.
  • Intrauterine device application for 1 month
  • Balloon application
  • Hormone therapy

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