First Appointment

Preparing for the first appointment

We are happy to host you in our Brussels IVF and Women's Health Center. We are here to guide you through the diagnosis and treatment process at our clinic, starting from your first examination appointment with your doctor and patient coordinator. The purpose of the first visit is to fully assess your medical history, prepare a diagnostic plan to determine the specific needs of your condition, and design a treatment plan tailored to your personal situation. Your doctor and patient coordinator will meet with you on your first visit and make you a knowledgeable and knowledgeable participant in your treatment.
To help you prepare for your first visit, we can outline important inspection preliminary reminders, such as some frequently asked questions about what to expect during and after your examination, materials and information we expect you to bring with:

Frequently Asked Questions About First Appointment

How should I prepare for the first appointment?
It is very important that you bring previous medical test results for your reproductive health and other important health conditions, so that we can evaluate your health history. Be sure to take your previous medical test records with you.

Should my wife/husband come for the first date too?
Even if the problem of infertility is caused by only one of the couples, we recommend that you come to the first examination as a couple. This is important for predicting and planning the treatment process.

Can I speak to a financial advisor to discuss payment options?
After the first examination, you can make financial predictions about your treatment by talking to our patient coordinator about the estimated treatment plan cost.
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