Infertility is a state of non-conception for 12 months in spite of a regular sexual act and non-implementation of any contraceptives. Today, nearly one of every seven pairs encounters this problem.
Primary infertility: State of never being pregnant before.
Secondary infertility: State of being pregnant before, but then encountering the problem of infertility.
Sterility: State of no chance for pregnancy due to the reasons such as congenital lack of uterus, lack of sperm, lack of oocytes or some chromosomal diseases.

When should the pairs apply to a doctor?

It is recommended that if there is no pregnancy in spite of a regular sexual act for one year, the pairs should apply to a doctor. As age of a woman is the most important factor affecting success about infertility, this period can be longer for a woman aged 25, or shorter for a woman over 35 ages. Especially, the people who have undergone an operation due to gynecologic diseases, or a woman or her husband with a known disease or problem can keep this period shorter (for example, 6 months).

The recent studies show that infertility results from females at the rate of nearly 35%, from males of 35% and from both of 30%.
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