Globozoospermia is a lack of acrosome structure at heads of sperm cells (Type I globozoospermia) or being tiny of acrosome structure (Type II globozoospermia).

As the enzymes within acrosome are essential for conception and oocyte activation, conception never or rarely occurs despite ICSI in case of globozoospermia. In such case, the chemical triggers called as ionophores are used to increase oocyte activation after ICSI. The basic stimulant for acrosome reaction is entry of calcium into the cell. Calcium doesn’t exist routinely in ionophore culture mediums, and it is added to culture special mediums with a special technique to start activation of oocytes for selected patient groups. In this way, high rates of conception can be obtained. This method can be successful in patients who have experienced no conception before with conventional IVF mediums.

Type I and Type II globozoospermia

In our center, we obtain high rates of conception and development of good embryos in this patient group using a special molecule which ensures oocyte and sperm activation by opening intracellular calcium vessels called ionomicine.
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