Oocyte Pick-up (OPU)

Oocyte pick-up operation is performed under a mild general anesthesia.

The patient is laid on gynecologic table. After sterile conditions are provided, a needle guide is inserted. The oocyte pick-up needle passed through this guide is monitored on ultrasound screen and it is entered into ovaries. It is inserted into each follicle and the liquid within them is emptied. The liquid collected in a tube is immediately examined in the laboratory. Whether there is any oocyte in each follicle liquid is notified by embryologist. If there is no oocyte, the follicle is filled with a special liquid and then re-emptied. Using this operation called “Flushing” or “Follicle Washing”, it is tried to obtain oocyte from the follicles. The oocyte pick-up operation is ended after all follicles over 10 mm are emptied. Total period of this operation doesn’t generally exceed 30 minutes. The picked up oocytes are waited in an incubator filled with special solutions for 3-4 hours until the operation of denudation and evaluation.

The patient who recovers in a short period after oocyte pick-up operation is placed in a room. Generally, there is no pain after OPU operation; however, if any mild pain occurs, this pain is recovered in a short period. The patient is discharged 1-5 hours after the operation and advised to rest on that day. The patient comes hungry for the operation, so she has breakfast in our center after the operation and then she is discharged. Our patient should absolutely come hungry for OPU operation (no water).
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