Starting the Treatment


Our patients with the complaint of not having baby can get appointment and undergo examination whenever they want. However, we prefer that the patients come on 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation for their first examination, because the blood tests to be performed on these days ( FSH , LH, E2, TSH, and PROLACTIN) show more accurate results to us. Thanks to these tests, a part of your problem can be determined and they are also important in planning your treatment process. (You don’t have to come hungry.)

While coming to the first examination, please bring reports of all your surveys and treatments performed previously. The information relating to your history is very important for us. We recommend you to come to the first examination with your husband even if your husband has sperm problem or otherwise.

We can summarize treatment system of our center as follows: Treatment isn’t started directly without making necessary examinations and determining the problem. The aim is to avoid from reaching same results by following the same way especially in the patients who have experienced unsuccessful trials previously. For instance, if your ultrasound examination isn’t made exhaustively, some small but important problems in your uterus may be overlooked, and therefore, your money and time may be wasted. Our prior aim is to make you have baby as soon as possible without challenging your economy.

Another crucial point is that after the first examination, cost of your entire treatment process will be calculated by our employees and told you clearly, and this is very important for us. In that way, you don’t encounter unexpected payments in our center during your treatment. Our doctors don’t have any idea about the costs. Our experienced and authorized employees will help you in this aspect.


IVF treatment starts on the following day; that is on the 2nd or 3rd day after starting day of your menstruation. During this treatment, you should use drugs which develop follicles and enable us to obtain optimum quality and number of oocytes. Most of these drugs are administered with user-friendly and thin ended syringes which you can do by yourself. During the treatment, follicles will be followed with ultrasound and E2 values regularly and optimum drug dose will be adjusted accordingly. This period lasts 10 days on average.

When sizes of follicles and E2 reach the desired values, HCG is prescribed and appointment is given for oocyte pick-up. It is very crucial that the HCG (pregnyl or Ovitrelle) should be administered on the exact time and day. Otherwise, oocytes cannot be obtained during the process of oocyte pick-up.

Oocyte pick-up (POU) is performed under a mild general anesthesia and conditions of operating room without causing any pain in the patients. You should come to our center on the exact time for OPU. Because, any delay may result in loss of oocytes. As you will be applied anesthesia, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything including water after 24.00 a.m.

The oocytes are evaluated by our embryologists in IVF laboratory and you will be informed on the same day. On the day of oocyte pick-up, sperms will be selected with IMSI and our embryologists will perform micro-injection ICSI with these sperms.

Thereafter, you will be called by our embryologists every afternoon and informed about your embryos. The date of transfer will be informed you on the previous day and you will be asked to drink plenty of water.

The period between oocyte pick-up and transfer varies between 2 to 5 days.

The date of transfer is evaluated and decided by our embryologists and doctors.

After the transfer, you will stay and rest in our center for 2 hours. Then, it will be convenient if you go your home or the place you accommodate and rest for 3 days. It will be appropriate for the patients coming from out of Istanbul to rest in Istanbul.

On the date of transfer, you will be informed about when pregnancy test will be performed and the drugs you should use will be prescribed.

In our center, the drugs you should use will absolutely be explained by the relevant nurses in details.

In summary, IVF treatment starts on 2nd or 3rd day of your menstruation and lasts 20 days on average. Our working patients should take vacation of 5-8 days beginning on the day of oocyte pick-up including resting period after transfer.

In accordance with the new regulation published by Turkish Republic Ministry of Health, it is agreed to apply single embryo transfer in the first two trials to the patients aged 34 and younger, maximum two transfers to the patients aged 35 and older and in the third IVF trial in our country. Consequently, selection of high quality sperms to obtain embryos in good quality and with high chance of pregnancy has gained more importance. Also, increase in number of quality embryos contributes to success of IVF. In addition to a good stimulation, oocytes should be activated with the selection of proper sperms. Therefore, rate of conception will increase.
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