Stages of IVF Treatment


Our patients complaining of not being able to have children can make an appointment and be examined whenever they want. But we especially advise them to come for the first visit on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation, so that the blood tests (FSH, LH, E2, TSH, PROLACTIN) to be taken on that day show more accurate values for us. The results of these tests are helpful to determine a part of your disorder and they are also very important in planning your treatment process. (You do not need to come hungry.)

When you come to the first visit, please do not forget to bring all the previous examination and treatment reports with you. Past medical history information is very valuable to us. We especially recommend that you come to the first visit with your spouse, regardless of whether he has a sperm disorder or not.

The treatment system of our center can be summarized as follows. Treatment cannot be done directly without the necessary examinations and the determination of the problem. The aim is to avoid reaching the same result by following the same path, especially in patients who have had unsuccessful attempts before. To give an example, if your ultrasound examination is not performed in detail, we may miss some small but important problems in your uterus and cause you to waste time and money in vain. Our primary goal is to make you have a child as soon as possible without forcing your economy.

Another important point is that after the first visit, the cost of the entire treatment process will be calculated and clearly explained to you by the relevant persons, which is very important to us. Thus, you will not face surprise payments in our institution during the treatment period. Our physicians have absolutely no knowledge about the cost. Our experienced and competent staff will assist you in this regard.


In vitro fertilization treatment starts the day after your menstrual cycle started, which is on the 2nd or 3rd day. During this treatment, you have to use drugs that develop follicles and that will allow us to obtain the optimum quality and number of eggs from you. Most of these drugs are performed using simple-to-use and fine-tipped pens that you can inject yourself. During the treatment, follicle development will be monitored with ultrasound and E2 values regularly, and the optimum drug dose will be adjusted accordingly. This process takes an average of 10 days.

When the follicle sizes and E2 level reach the desired values, a cracking needle is given and an appointment is made for the time and day for egg collection. It is very important that you have your cracking injection (Pregnyl or Ovitrelle) done at the exact time and day. Otherwise, eggs may not be obtained during the egg collection process.

Ovum pick-up procedure (OPU) is performed under a light general anesthesia in the operating room conditions to our patients without any pain. It is very important that you be ready at our center at the time you are told on the OPU day. Because a delay may result in the loss of eggs. Since you will be receiving anesthesia, you should definitely stop eating or drinking anything, including water, after 24.00 at night.

The retrieved eggs will be examined by our in vitro fertilization laboratory team, and you will be informed about their status on the same day. Sperm selection with IMSI and microinjection ICSI process with these sperms will be performed by our embryologists on the day of egg collection

Every afternoon from now on, our embryologists will call and inform you about your embryos. You will be informed the day before the transfer will take place, and if you will not receive anesthesia, you will be asked to drink plenty of water before coming.

The time between egg retrieval and transfer day ranges from 2 to 5 days.

On which day the transfer will be made is evaluated and decided by our embryologists and physicians.

After the transfer process, you will be able to rest for 2 hours in our center. Afterwards, it would be appropriate to go to your home or to your accommodation and rest for 3 more days. It would be more appropriate for our patients coming from outside the city to do this rest in Istanbul.

On the day of the transfer, you will be told when to take the pregnancy test and the medications you will use after that will be prescribed.

The drugs you will use in our center will definitely be explained to you in detail by the related nurses.

In conclusion, IVF treatment is a treatment procedure starting on the 2nd or 3rd day of your menstrual cycle and lasting about 20 days. Our working patients are advised to take one’s vacation of 5 to 8 days starting from egg retrieval day and including the period of rest after the transfer.

According to the guideline published by the T.R. Ministry of Health in 2010, in our country, it is considered appropriate to transfer a single embryo in the first two attempts in cases under 34 years of age, and a maximum of two embryos in cases aged 35 and over and in the third IVF attempts. Therefore, the selection of good quality sperms became more important in order to select good quality and high pregnancy embryos. At the same time, the increase in the number of quality embryos obtained also contributes to the increase in IVF success. In addition to a good stimulation, it is necessary to ensure the activation of the oocytes together with the selection of appropriate sperm. Therefore, the fertilization rate will increase.


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