Ovum Pick-up Procedure In IVF

Ovum pick-up procedure is performed under a light general anaesthesia.

The patient is placed on the gynecological table. Under sterile conditions, a piece with a thin channel (needle guide) is attached to the ultrasound probe. The egg collection needle, which is passed through this thin channel, is followed on the ultrasound screen and entered into the ovaries. The fluid in them is drained by entering the follicles one by one. The liquid collected in the tubes is immediately examined in the laboratory. Whether there is egg in each follicle or not is reported by the embryologist. If there is no egg, a special liquid is given and the follicle is filled with that liquid and emptied again. With this process called "Flushing" or "Follicle Washing", eggs are tried to be taken from the follicles that do not have eggs. The egg collection procedure finishes when all follicles larger than 10 mm are emptied. The total duration of this procedure usually does not exceed 30 minutes. Collected eggs are stored in special solutions in an incubator for 3-4 hours until sorting (denudation) and evaluation.

Our patient recovers in a very short time after egg collection, and then is taken to her room. There is usually no pain after the OPU procedure, but if there is a slight pain, it is relieved in a short time. The patient is discharged 1-2 hours after the procedure, and is recommended to spend the day resting. Our patient, who comes to the procedure in fasting, has a light breakfast in our center after the procedure, and is then discharged. Our patients should come absolutely in fasting (including water) on the day of the surgery.



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