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International Patient Center

IVF Journey for international patients

We have given the happy news to more than 30,000 families around the world! Now we look forward to meeting you.

We invite you to Brüksel IVF and Women's Health Center wherever you are in the world. We have agreements with hotels close to our center to make your visit easier.

Let’s take a look at your steps for a successful treatment

Initial Consultation with our Fertility Specialist via Skype or telephone
During the first medical consultation we will review your medical history and current medical test results to understand your personal needs. This will also be a good opportunity to assist you with any questions you may have about the process.
Your First Visit. Medical consultation at the clinic.
You will undergo a gynaecological ultrasound examination of your uterus and ovaries.
Screening tests
Several examinations are legally required for all patients undertaking fertility treatment. During your online medical consultation, you will be given the full list of tests required for your treatment. If you have any problems having these tests done in your own country, these tests can be performed during your visit to Brüksel IVF and Women's Health Center.
Sperm test (if applicable)
Normally, the male partner will be required to give a sperm sample at the clinic, which will be analysed and frozen to be used later during your treatment and thus reducing the number of trips to the center and the duration of those trips.
Personalised Treatment Plan and Treatment Follow-Up
After your first visit, you will be given a personalised treatment plan and everything will be ready for you to start treatment. You will start the treatment in your home country. We will be monitoring you and telling you what you need to do at each step, either by telephone or e-mail depending your preferred way of communication.The duration of your treatment may vary depending on the type of treatment you are to undergo, but we will always work out a treatment plan that works well with your schedule.
Your Second Appointment
At your second appointment, we will perform either the insemination procedure, egg retrieval or embryo transfer, depending on the treatment you are undergoing. You may return home either on the same day of the procedure or the day after, depending on the treatment and the specific medical advice on your case.
Pregnancy Test
After the procedure, you will receive the report of your cycle, with information about how to take care of yourself following treatment and instructions regarding how to continue with your medication and when to perform the pregnancy test in your country (quantitative β-hCG).Our medical team will be staying in touch with you through the monitoring of your pregnancy with your regular doctor at home.

Why should I get IVF treatment in Istanbul, Turkey at Bruksel IVF center ?

Turkey has become a popular destination for foreigners pursuing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment (IVF) with its successful clinics and reasonable prices. When it comes to our center, we have given the happy news to more than 30.000 families throughout the World in our 39 years of experience. We value the privilege of having Prof. Dr. Yücel Karaman, who had been involved in the first IVF studies in the World, whom known as the only professor who is capable of making use of laparoscopic laser within Turkey whereas he is one of the numbered scientists in the world.


We help you get special rates with our partner hotels around our center. Please ask for more information and getting help for reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I come for treatment?
Your doctor will share his decision with you. Generally, the egg stimulation procedure is 2-3 times your menstrual period. starts on the day; we recommend you to be in the clinic the day before.

How long does IVF treatment take?
The treatment continues for 2 or 3 weeks. This may vary depending on your personal circumstances. Please contact us for more information.

Which documents should I bring ?
It is sufficient to bring your passport and marriage certificate with your previous test results.

Can I make the necessary tests in my own country ?
Yeah. You can get a list of the required tests from us and have these tests done in your own country and come with the results.

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