Laser energy is the energy released by electrons in atoms stimulated by electrical energy when they return to their basal state. A laser device is a device that converts different forms of energy, usually electricity, into optical energy. After years of experimental studies, laser was first used in gynecology practice in 1972. Doctors named Bruhat and Tadir mark an era in gynecological surgery by using CO2 laser in laparoscopy for the first time in 1979.

What is the difference between normal light energy and laser energy?

Light energy is an electromagnetic wave composed of atomic structures. Atoms in the basal state contain some energy. These atoms can be activated by stimulation with chemical, optical or electrical energy. The activated atoms emit light energy as they return to the basal state. However, there are some differences between normal light energy and laser energy. The most important feature of laser energy is that it does not spread around while moving away from its source like normal light, but reaches the target surface with the same diameter and intensity. While light energy loses its power and intensity at a certain distance, laser light maintains this feature. In addition, laser light can be reflected to the intended target surface from any angle, without loss of energy, by reflecting it through various mirrors.

As with light energy, laser light causes an increase in temperature on the tissue surface it reaches. This increase in temperature is directly proportional to the energy density per unit surface and inversely proportional to the diameter of the laser light. The increase in temperature in the tissue constitutes the principle of use in medicine. With the laser energy controlled by the surgeon, operations such as cutting, burning and stopping bleeding can be performed in the abdominal organs.


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