Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant for 12 months without regular sexual intercourse and any contraceptive method. Today, nearly one out of every seven couples is facing this problem.


Primer infertilite : The situation of having never been pregnant before.

Secondary infertility : The situation of having been pregnant before, but later encountering infertility problem.

Sterility : The situation where there is no chance of pregnancy in any way due to the congenital absence of uterus, absence of sperm, absence of eggs or some chromosomal diseases in a woman.

When should couples consult a doctor?

Couples are advised to consult a doctor if it is not possible to get pregnant despite regular sexual intercourse for one year. Since the age of the woman is the most important factor affecting the success of infertility, a 25-year-old woman can take this period longer, or a woman over 35 should consult a doctor in a much shorter time. Especially those who previously underwent surgery for gynecological diseases or who have a known disease or problem in themselves or their spouse can keep this period shorter (for example, 6 months).

Recent studies demonstrated that the causes of infertility are approximately 35% female, 35% male, and 30% both.


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