Nowadays, the optimization of laboratory environments’ conditions in IVF centers, the increase in the quality of the equipment used and the increase in the knowledge of the working health personnel in the light of new researches have increased the rates of pregnancy and taking the baby home in the IVF treatment process. Despite this facts, the highest pregnancy rates worldwide are around 60%. Unfortunately, as well as there are parts that we can see, research and find solutions for in vitro fertilization failures, there is still an unexplained part that has not been clearly revealed.

You are ready for embryo transfer, everything looks very good (embryo quality, uterine inner thickness is very good, our patient's age is appropriate, hormone levels are normal…), the transfer procedure was successful, but pregnancy did not happen. Unfortunately, intrauterine phase cannot be followed after embryo transfer with the current technology in the World. How does the embryo grow after the transfer? What are the levels of growth hormones and adhesion-enhancing secretions in the uterus? Unfortunately, these points are still not enlightened.

There are many studies in the world literature about intrauterine scratching. Although inconclusive, the results show that the chance of pregnancy may increase. Here, the aim is to increase the chance of embryo attachment by increasing the release of growth hormones and adhesion promoting substances by stimulating the inner wall of the uterus. We usually recommend this method to patients who cannot conceive after 2-3 high-quality embryo transfers.

Intrauterine stimulation can be performed with the help of a hysteroscopic method, that is a camera system, as well as with the help of a simple biopsy catheter. It can be performed under sterile conditions with a simple examination between 19th and 22th days of the menstrual cyclus before embryo transfer, and there is usually no pain other than a very mild discomfort and cramping sensation. We can also do it under anesthesia for our patients if they wish so. The scratching procedure terminates in about 1 minute and there is a very slight bleeding and spotting after the procedure.


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